Against any negative forecast: Paris

Business trip: Paris

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The view from a room at the new Shangri-La Hotel Paris. (Chris McGinnis)

The view from a room at the new Shangri-La Hotel Paris (Chris McGinnis)

















Business trip to Paris? Pourquoi pas? (Why not?) There are few other assignments that light up the eyes of a business traveller like a trip to the French capital.

Despite shrinking economic growth in the Eurozone, a record 88 million travellers passed through the city?s Charles de Gaulle and Orlyairports in 2011. To this day, the City of Light remains the world?s most visited city ? and nearly half of those visitors (45%) are there on business.


Paris is in a constant state of renewal, and recent additions and upgrades to the city?s airports and hotels reflect its intent to remain a premier business and leisure travel destination. For example, in June 2012 Air France opened the bright, airy, 580-million-euro S4 boarding satellite area at Charles de Gaulle Airport, which includes the carrier?s largest business class lounge, a Clarins spa and enough space to handle six giant Airbus A380 aircraft.

The city centre is laid out on an east to west axis, bisected by the River Seine. Key business centres are located in La Defense, a district of skyscrapers and corporate headquarters in the city?s northwest, and on the left (south) bank of the Seine, near the Eiffel Tower, are most governmental and quasi-governmental offices. The central core of the city on the right (north) bank of the Seine is home to fashion houses, banks, department stores, most large hotels and embassies.

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