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Industry Focused Multilingual Translation Service
Multilingual Group is a full range translation service provider with specialty teams certified in more than 100 languages, spanning across multiple industries. When looking for translation services you need a partner capable of producing high quality work while staying consistent and responsive to your deadline and budget. With more than 30 years of experience working with the biggest names in manufacturing, health care, consumer products, and other industries, Multilingual Group has set the standard of excellence for translation companies.

Translation Services for Your Organization’s Needs
We offer a wide variety of translation services providing comprehensive solutions to help your organization hit its goals. Using the latest CAT tools combined with our native language translation teams, Multilingual Group is able to translate across multiple formats. Focusing on dialect, industry-specific terminology and  flawless translation projects for our client is top priority. From multilingual desktop publishing to Chinese translation services, and from transcription services to Spanish translation services, we have the technology and expertise to complete your project and facilitate organizational growth.


Our array of translation services benefits a wide range of companies, from healthcare and manufacturing to legal and finance and many more.

Customer satisfaction is our primary focus and our outstanding client retention rate is a great indicator of the high-quality service provided.   

A leading international manufacturing company has been a loyal customer for over 10 years and a U.S. based leading health insurance company has been utilizing Multilingual Group’s services for over 14 years!!

Multilingual Group is dedicated to promoting the success of its clients through effective multilingual communications.


These are some of the languages we have translated…from Amharic to Zulu and everything in between.
Even the most specialized dialects are no match for us


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