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4 Things Retail Brands Look for in Translation Services - CI Blog
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4 Things Retail Brands Look for in Translation Services

Whether your company seeks translation services for internal purposes, or to translate copy for reaching international markets, finding the best translation services for products and retail brands is key to your growth. But with so many groups and practices offering translation services to various industries, how can you or your team rest assured that you will choose the right partner to meet your translation needs? That said, this article is intended to help people in executive and managerial roles learn how to choose the best translation services from a company that can help them hit their revenue targets and growth goals. 

1. Years of Experience Testifies to Capabilities and Your Growth Potential

The landscape of translation services is a tumultuous one in the sense that the competition is hostile, and if a multilingual translation agency can’t offer a level of service that clients have about, they are doomed to fade away. That said, look for a company that offers translation services that has been in business for at least 30 years. Three decades is enough time to prove value because the industry has had its ups and downs due, in part, to inflation, and simply on how retail brands were spending their investment dollars. If you can find an agency that offers translation services, that has rode this wave for 30 years, you are in good hands. 

2. Who is the Team Behind the Translation Agency Curtain

Once you find translation services from a company that has been in business for at least 30 years, learn about the team you would potentially be working with. Are these team members certified to translate your target language? Are they native language speakers? How many years of experience do they have, as individuals, in translating languages for products and retail brands? Are they easy to work with; do they communicate well and are they flexible? These are the big questions to ask. 

3. What Other Industries do they Work With?

Obviously, you want to ensure that your translation services are offered by a company that has vast experience in product goods and retail. But you should also look for translation services from an agency that excels in supporting other industries too. Why does this matter? Because it is a testimony to the translation agency’s ability to perform high-quality services, for any client, in any circumstances. A vast reach demonstrates true depth and skill, so seek translation services from a large agency that works with multiple industries ranging from finance to healthcare, and from major utilities to manufacturing and technology. 

4. Seek Translation Services from a Company Available 24/7

As you are well aware, last-minute pieces of information can surface that have a direct impact on branded messaging, and sales copy. If you are targeting foreign markets, this means your translation services need to be offered by a company that’s available 24/7 so that vital changes can be made to translated content without wasting time and dollars. 

Find translation services that adhere to these 4 talking points, and you will find a translation company your brand can partner with for life.

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