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How to Find the Best Chinese Translation Company for Your Company’s Internal Growth

Business relationships between the US and China are booming, and one of the things responsible for this new found level of prosperity is the best Chinese translation company that’s suitable to help individual organizations improve efficiency and achieve their growth goals. But when it comes to finding a Chinese translation company that is best suited to work with your team, there are a number of considerations that need to be taken into account.

This article is intended to help operational directors and executive-level personnel learn the accoutrements of a top Chinese translation company best suited to help them achieve their growth goals while improving internal operations.

Depth of Experience: How Many Industries does the Chinese Translation Company Serve?

You may think that so long as the Chinese translation agency provides services in your industry, you are in good hands. But this should not be a standard you use for judging the quality of a Chinese translation agency. Instead of serving a single or even a small handful of industries, your Chinese translation company should provide services to a plethora of communities and cohorts. Any high-quality Chinese translation company will service:

  • Legal

  • Finance

  • Water and Power (Energy)

  • Healthcare

  • Manufacturing

  • Finance

  • Technology

  • Consumer products

When your Chinese translation company has a proven track record in providing multiple services to these prime industries, you know you are working with a skilled company with team members, technology and leadership advanced enough to span multiple industries.

Services Offered

Much like being able to provide Chinese translation services to multiple industries, the ability to perform a wide variety of services is just as important. For example, even if you are only seeking desktop publishing services, it is still wise to invest in a Chinese translation company that offers every major service in the world of multilingual translation. This includes translations, interpretations, Braille production and translation, multilingual desktop publishing, transcription services, 508 compliance, video subtitling, and audio recording for a variety of scenarios.

Chinese Languages and Dialects

Did you know there are five Chinese languages with more than 200 individual dialects? Make sure your Chinese translation company has certified experts capable of translating Mandarin, Cantonese, Min, Wu and Hakka, and that they are able to translate any of the multiple dialects. The best Chinese language translation company has experienced teams of translation experts who specialize in every Chinese language and their individual dialects to ensure every translated document and project is done flawlessly to maximize communications to empower your company’s internal growth.

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