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4 Tips for Finding the Best Certified Translation Services - CI Blog
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4 Tips for Finding the Best Certified Translation Services

Now more than ever, organizations and large corporations are in need of certified translation services to help streamline operations and foster growth. With international offices working together to achieve the same goal, locating a top certified translation services provider is crucial and often requires one to invest a great deal of time in finding an ideal solution. This article is intended to help steer operational directors and executive management towards finding the best certified translation services provider capable of helping them achieve all of their goals at budget, and in a timely manner.

1. How Long has the Certified Translation Services Provider Been in Business?

It goes without saying that experience lends to high-quality, but this is especially true when dealing with multilingual translation agencies. There are countless examples out there of companies receiving flawed translations, whether there is a problem in translating the right dialect, using slang correctly, or failure at translating industry terminology. Mistakes like this have led to colossal losses. Look for certified translation services that have no less than 20 years of experience in the industry, as two decades is enough time to prove the agency is capable of growth and delivering amazing projects to satisfied customers. Any certified translation services you can onboard with more than 20 years of experience is considered a rare bonus.

2. Make Sure Certified Translation Services have a Single Point of Contact

Too many cooks in the kitchen only leads to chaos. This is why it is crucial to secure certified translation services from an agency with a single point of contact. Not only will this help prevent communication gaps, but you will be able to get deeper into the weeds of your project by communicating with a single person rather than multiple people working on your project. Ideally, the point of contact should be the project manager who has top knowledge on all arms of your project.

3. Avoid Certified Translation Services with a Single Specialty

You may be tempted to partner with certified translation services focusing on a single niche like finance, consumer products or health care. One of the biggest misconceptions is that translation services from companies that focus on a single vector provide the best quality work, but this simply isn't true. Companies that only focus on one industry box themselves in, and there is usually a good reason why they couldn’t branch out. Often, they lacked the manpower, skills or technology. Instead, look for certified translation services from a global leader that performs a wide array of translation services to a plethora of industries. These providers are of the highest caliber of quality and clearly demonstrate their capabilities and skills by being able to satisfy the needs in all sectors of business.

4. Demand 24/7 Availability

Due to the fact that small changes can have massive consequences to translation projects, make sure to invest in certified translation services from an agency that can be reached 24/7, 365 days a year. You can protect your budget and timeline by knowing that your translation company can be reached no matter what. In addition, when translation companies make themselves available 24/7, it just goes to show what they think of their clients, how they value projects, and where their priorities are. You clearly want to work with a certified translation services provider who makes you top priority, so it goes without saying they should be available around the clock.

Follow these four tips when looking for certified translation services providers, and you will find an agency you can partner with for life through a prosperous, growth-driven relationship.

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