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How to Choose the Best Medical Transcription Services - CI Blog
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How to Choose the Best Medical Transcription Services

Medical transcription services are paramount to all hospitals and health care clinics. In this field accuracy and time-considerations are vital, as surgeons rely on total accuracy when transcribing their vocal dictations into forward-facing, precise written documents that are error-free.

Because high quality medical transcriptions are crucial for doctors, their practice, their patients, and for other medical professionals (not to mention insurance companies dealing with claims), partnering with the best medical transcription services will ensure steadfast accuracy and promote smooth operations.

Typically, smaller medical practices have three options when it comes to medical transcription services. They can hire an internal service provider, invest in state-of-the-art voice recognition software, or hire a medical transcription service provider.

The medical transcription industry is evolving at a rapid pace. It is important that medical institutions find transcription service providers capable of staying ahead of the technology piece and demands. This article will help you choose the best medical transcription services in the industry.

Voice Recognition Software for Medical Transcription Services

All too often medical clinics will invest in medical transcription services to avoid paying for any fees associated with professional agencies, and because they think turnaround time will be shorter. However, the dictating physician winds up wasting valuable time serving as the proofreader. In addition, although voice recognition software has made leaps and bounds in its evolution, it still creates multiple mistakes that requires careful human monitoring. Most doctors find the work to be annoying and completely unnecessary. They also have no way of providing those human layers of protection, nor do they want to. These are the reasons why physicians using voice recognition software for medical transcription services almost always make the shift to medical transcription companies.

Investing in Professional Medical Transcription Services

If you decide to invest in professional medical transcription services, make sure the agency is capable of performing all service types required now, and for any potential future engagements. For example, the need for medical transcriptions to be accessible in several languages is growing and in constant demand. Be sure to partner with an agency capable of fulfilling this role in multiple languages.

You will also want to find a partner that can complete your projects quickly in a 24-hour turnaround with no mistakes. Finally, look for medical transcription services that specialize in translating the following documents:

  • HIPPA & Title IV Compliance

  • Member information

  • Insurance benefits

  • Clinical trials

  • Drug formularies

When vetting medical transcription services look for an agency that offers technical translation, desktop publishing, video subtitling, interpretation, section 508 and audio services. Some of these may not reflect your current needs, but there is value in partnering with a power house agency that can perform these, if ever needed.

You should also look for a medical transcription company that has a responsive team capable of executing last-minute changes to projects under the watch of a single point of contact. Demand these standards, and you will prosper from a level of service next to none.

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